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invantive data replicator

Replicate data from Microsoft Dynamics CRM in a relational database

Invantive Data Replicator allows you to replicate data from Microsoft Dynamics CRM and over 50 other platforms in a relational database such as Microsoft SQL Server or PostgreSQL. Invantive Data Replicator ensures the presence of sufficiently "fresh" data for your reporting purposes by applying a combination of techniques, including near real-time synchronization using webhooks (where available and supported).

The replicated data is made available through configurable views, including consolidation across multiple companies such as with Exact Online and Dynamics CRM. Effectively you get a so-called "ODS" (Operational Data Store). The performance gain compared with repeatedly accessing the XML and REST APIs of Microsoft Dynamics CRM is between 50 and 2.500.

These database views can be used in your Power BI reports, Microsoft Access, custom reports and from traditional SQL. Data Replicator also automatically maintains indexes for optimal performance even with very large data sets and ad-hoc queries.

The advanced Invantive UniversalSQL engine included with Invantive Data Replicator enables you to configure the cloud sources for Data Replicator and trigger downloads. Data Replicator also includes Invantive Data Hub and Invantive Data Cache, so you can also run ad-hoc queries directly on over 50 cloud platforms, including cross-company and cross-country queries and uploads in Dynamics CRM.

Data Replicator runs on 32 and 64 bit Windows devices.

  • The first subscription period includes 1 hour of Getting Started consultancy.
  • Subscription per 100 companies.
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Replicate your Microsoft Dynamics CRM data with Invantive Data Replicator

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Edition of Invantive Data Replicate provides the following benefits to optimize your business processes:

  • Replication ensures use of fresh data.
  • Fresh data using a combination of techniques.
  • Consolidation into one reporting environment.
  • Runs on inexpensive PostgreSQL and Microsoft SQL Server databases.
  • Over 50 supported on-premise and cloud platforms.